Graphic Designs

I have always been quite fond of drawing and designing. During the four years of my Bachelor in Communications and Multimedia Design I had the

opportunity to become better at it and learn how to use all the Adobe software to make it even better. Most of the projects that will be listed here will also be under the other categories. The reason for that is because I have been practising my graphic designing through all my projects, no matter what the subject was.

Centrum Bloemenheuvellaan window stickers



Centrum Bloemenheuvellaan is a building with multiple different health experts. They wanted to represent their companies outside of the building and asked me to design an outdoor vision.  

K2 logo



 K2 is a kinesiology practice that has just opened up and they asked me

to design a logo for them to represent their practise. 


Made By Do


Made by Do is my own startup company. I am still at an early phase but I am working my way upward to sell handmade Hairbows on online platforms like Etsy. Because I am a CMD'er I could not wait to put my branding skills to use.




This was a fully open project, free for your own subject and format of that subject. I choose Disney Imagineering because I am a big Disney parks fan and wanted to learn and teach others more about the magic behind it.

The best way to represent Disney is of course with an animation format. 



This was the visualisation of my self reflection of a project.

We got the assignment to create something visual and me and my group decided to each make our little island that would be floating around in the same waters. This was my island.





This second invitation was the BBQ party that she organised for her friends. My mother wanted quite a lot of information in her invitation and was worried if it would fit on the small design I made. It was a bit of a challenge but I feel like I succeeded on putting all the information on this small card without it looking crowded. We were talking about whether we wanted to leave the back blanco or put something on it. We decided on putting some of her favourite life quotes on the back and use the colour from some of the lettering on the front.


This was the first invitation for a tea party with our family members.

There had to be quite a lot of information on this card and I tried to organise it onto this double sided card. My mother wanted it to have an 'Alice in Wonderland' feeling. I mixed that vibe with a more classic tea party feeling and this was the outcome of it. All the illustrations on this card I made myself and some info has been erased for privacy reasons.

On the right you'll see the front and back. 



PROTEST! Was a school project where

I had to design and produce 3 printed magazines

within 3 weeks with a team of 10 members. 

Christmas Card

I got the request to make a Christmas card for 'KinderfysiotherapieZeist'.




Making my own little magazine.

An individual project with one requirement for the theme:

it has to be about yourself. The rest was up to you.


Fully in English


This was one of my individual creative projects.

The theme was entirely free and the

end product had to be in a book form. 




 This was an individual creative experiment.

The outcome had to be completely abstract

and it had to have some kind of interactive

element in the end project.