Abstract Experiment

I took the term "experiment" from this assignment quite literally and made a science experiment. Science holds a special place

in my heart since I love and hate it at the same time. Before I came up with this baking soda experiment I tried lots of other chemical

reactions to see which one was the most satisfying. However I must say the my baking soda experiment is not the classic one,

I mixed different type of household items to get this result.  Next to the science aspect this project got me quite excited since

I wanted to go full out. The assignment did say it needed to be in a packaging so I wanted it to be like an 'as seen on tv' type

of product that you could see in the store.  For the box shape I got inspired by Mc Donalds' happy meal box but did design

the shape of this box myself. The pictures on the box and the designing I did fully myself as well. The model on the front

is my little brother, who I included in the final presentation as well since he was my focus group. 






Since my little brother was my target audience

I came up with a way to make him represent himself without speaking, so I made this shirt that he wore during the presentation.

He was like a walking persona. On the right

you'll see the outcome of the experiment that my teacher and brother executed together.

It left quite the impression





This is a video I showed during my end presentation to

briefly show the process I went through in order to figure

out the formula and the form of my end product as well.