This was a 'pressure cooker' team project as our teachers called it. In a team of 10 people we had 4 weeks

to come up with a concept and prepare as much as we could because after these 4 weeks we had to

deliver a printed out magazine every week. Each week there had to be more pages than the previous

and the teachers expectations were higher as well. We decided to do something that would stand out and

that we were all quite passionate about, we wanted to leave an impression of how we see things and

have our magazine be like a protest on it's own. Next to the printed magazine we had to make an

online magazine to go with it. The roles people had in our editorial changed every magazine. The roles were:

Chief Editor (1), Text Writer (3), Photographer (2), Designer printed magazine (2), Designer online magazine (2)

In our magazine PROTEST. we choose 3 themes to go with our 3 magazines. 

"Koop je kennis" (Buy your knowledge)

The 'Koop je kennis' edition is all about the schooling systems in the Netherlands and how some private school are crazy expensive. Paying so much extra will get you into a good college, so are you buying your degree? We wanted to find out if that was true and what other peoples views were on the subject.


My role: 

My main task was being one of Text Writers in this magazine. 

The texts I wrote for the printed magazine are: "Je mag alles worden, behalve ongelukkig. Beloofd?", "Ben ik slim of rijk?", "Meesters van het vak" and the "Call to action" in the beginning. 

For the online magazine I also wrote a couple of short texts: "Braincaps", "Wie dit leest is rijk" and "What to do this week?". 

Aside from writing these articles I was involved in the team as well. I made set-ups for the interviews and went to those interviews as well. 

We all helped each other with out texts by proof reading and having editorial meetings so we could openly discuss and help each other out.


"Fijne reis terug" (Have a nice trip back)

The second edition was somewhat confronting since the subject was sensitive at the time. The theme of this magazine is about refugees. The title may seem like we are putting a negative view on this subject but it is quite the contrary. 


My role: 

For this magazine I was on of the designers for the printed magazine.

I designed the front and back page and these articles: "De gelukkige vluchteling" (p. 10-11), "Op de thee bij tante Mars" (p. 16-17), "Flikker op!" (p. 20-21). As with the previous magazine we all helped each other out. This time I helped with the interviews as well and got into contact with a refugee. I was present during most interviews. This time I could make myself of extra use to the text editors since I had experience with writing texts with certain attitude and a tone of voice from the previous magazine. 

"Meer of minder Wilders" (More or less Wilders)

This third magazine was build around the one and only Geert Wilders. The title was based around his infamous saying the caused a lot of disturbance: "Meer of minder Marokkanen" (More or less Moroccans) and then the crowd answered: "Less!". When we made this magazine this subject was very recent and still all over the news. There was a protest organised in Amsterdam against Geert Wilders and his discrimination and we went and interviewed the man who organised it all. It left quite an impression. 


My role  

For this magazine I had a double role. My main role was doing the design for the online magazine focussing on making all the transitions work and buttons work in Adobe InDesign. Next to the design for the online magazine I did some photography for the printed magazine. This time I could not only help my teammates with the text writing but also with the designing which was great since I could help with the knowledge I had gained and by doing so I learned even more.  

Online Magazine

The online magazine epub is too big for this website to handle so if you're interested you can download the online magazine through this google drive link: 

Tiny Talk

Tiny Talk is part of the online magazine. It's a series of video, one video matching each magazine edition. We asked children a few questions that were related to the theme and content of the magazine. We captured their reactions and edited them so its short and quirky. I was part of making the questions and asking them to the children as well.  For the third edition I edited the Tiny Talk video. Which you can watch on the right.