Other Projects

These are my own projects either for myself or for someone else.

I like to practise with the software I'm not so familiar with (yet) in my free time. 

These are mostly design projects which are made with Adobe software.


My mother turned 50 years old and she wanted to celebrate it with her friends and family. 

She organised two parties, one for the family and one for her friends. For each party she needed an invitation and I had the honour of making those invitations for her. 


I was not the biggest van of Adobe Illustrator but that was probably because of my lack of knowledge about the program. However I

knew that while working on other (professional) projects just photoshop wasn't going to do it. Especially if it were to be printed, can't have it when you can count the pixels.  

Christmas Card

Me and my family just got back from our amazing trip through the national parks in the United States of America. It was close to christmas when we returned and we always send out an picture card with us on it. This year we only had a slight problem.