School Projects

These are the projects I have worked on for my current study:  Communication and

Multimedia Design, CMD. I'm currently at the end of my second year. Some of these projects

are individual some of them are made in a team environment. CMD is a very broad study and thus

will these projects vary from graphical designs to video editing and magazines.


I specialised myself in User Experience Design for half a year. Those projects are also displayed beneath here.

UXD video

User experience was the key element in this project.

In teams of two we had to think of a service,

either an existing service or a completely new one

and make the user experience better.

The end product of this project was a video and a report. 


PROTEST! Was a school project where

I had to design and produce 3 printed magazines

within 3 weeks with a team of 10 members. 


For an Honours trip I went to South-Korea for 10 days

together with people from my institute. 

While I was there I made lots of pictures

and am currently working on a travel guide.


Making my own little magazine.

An individual project with one requirement for the theme:

it has to be about yourself. The rest was up to you.


Fully in English


This project was about making an app for a certain problem

for the company: "De fietsersbond" (cyclists' union).

With a team of 3 people, including myself we had to

come up with a problem and a target audience which

then we had to solve with our app.



This was one of my individual creative projects.

The theme was entirely free and the

end product had to be in a book form. 




This was my very first stop motion and there

is a lot of room for improvement. The assignment was

that we all had to make a stopmotion in which we had

to convert a given fairy tale as if it happend in 2016.




 This was an individual creative experiment.

The outcome had to be completely abstract

and it had to have some kind of interactive

element in the end project.  

3D Animation

 This was my first time working with Cinema 4D

or any 3D software for that matter. This assignment had no

restrictions or guidelines except for that it had to be

30 seconds and you had to choose between

Cinema 4D or After Effects



 Right at the beginning of my bachelor study

we had to make a magazine in film form

in a team of 3 people.