With an Honors program I went to South-Korea with 20 other students from my school. Being part of the

Honors program means participating and working on extra activities next to your normal school work.

The trip was 10 days and our schedule was quite booked. During our time there we worked together with

Korean students at the Hanyang University to make a plan for Korean people to stop taking the car and

start taking the bike instead. Since Dutch people bike everywhere and we consider it 'normal' it was eye-opening

to see how that works in South-Korea.  Next to our project we had moments to bond with our Korean students group

and we still maintain contact to this day.  Next to our coöperation with Hanyang University we also went to

different companies to see how our work field is implied there. 

I'm currently working on my honours project which will be 'my guide to South-Korea'. In this guide I want to express how

I experienced the trip and things I have learned on the way.  It will be printed out like a real guide and I would like to distribute

it around the school. There is a chance that all of us who went to South-Korea will have the chance to present our work

at X=festival, which is a festival with workshops and classes from all sort of companies and it is just a great learning experience. 



In the meantime you can look at some pictures I took there.