User Experience Design

During the last year of CMD you are given a few options so specialise in for half a year.

I chose User Experience Design and had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies.

Below you can see a couple of projects I worked on together with a partner or a team of students.

UMC + FC Utrecht

The children's hospital UMC had a partnership with the soccer club FC Utrecht to make a fun and interactive area in the building where the children could meet each other and play together. They just didn't know how.

That's where me and my team came in.

Nike + The Valley

For their online catalogue Nike assigned us to make a few design propositions. Me and my partner choose to make this design for the Iphone 6 series. Together with coaching from both Nike and The Valley we made a prototype. 

Province of Utrecht

The Province of Utrecht wanted us to help to make their website more user friendly.  Since the website is so big, each team got assigned a different part of the website. We decided to work on the agenda, up-to-date page and the overview page.



This was a fully open project, free for your own subject and format of that subject. I choose Disney Imagineering because I am a big Disney parks fan and wanted to learn and teach others more about the magic behind it.

The best way to represent Disney is of course with an animation format. 

Opening Tool for the elderly

User experience was the key element in this project.

In teams of two we had to think of a service,

either an existing service or a completely new one

and make the user experience better.

The end product of this project was a video and a report.