The Province of Utrecht






Our proposition for the new 'Topical ' page of The Province of Utrecht.

This is the overall overview where you can access the other parts that come with this page like

- Agenda

- News

- Provincial Executive Decisions


The most fun part about this project, next to working with such an important company, was trying out all kinds of testing methods with our target audience. We were truly experimenting with all kinds of testing methods we learned from the book 'This is Service Design Thinking' - Stickdorn/Schneider.  










Provincial Executive Decisions

Think Aloud Testing




One of the testing methods we used was 'Think Aloud' testing.

The outcome of this test was predictable but reassuring that we we're going in the right direction. Our target audience got lost on the website multiple times and even went off the website a couple of times by accident.

Card Sorting





We cut up the original page and gave the pieces to our target audience.

The next step was for them to put the pieces together in the way they thought would be right. We got a variety of results but did see some similarities that was on the actual page and some that needed to change.

On the left you can look at two examples.

A/B Testing with WireFrames




This is one of the examples we used to see what kind of structure our target audience preferred. They simply had to pick A or B.

We used Google Forms in order to test this method.






Early on in the UXD Specialisation we learned that understanding the user is the most essential part. That is why making persona's is important in order to understand the user. Each one of us made one persona because we had multiple target audiences to focus on, there are many types of people in the Province of Utrecht. On the left you can see my persona.