UMC + FC Utrecht

Together with the Children's Hospital UMC and the Soccer Club FC Utrecht we designed an interactive space in the common area of the hospital. They wanted it to be entertaining for long term patients but also for visitors when they had to wait. The main goal was to make life a little less grim in the hospital for these children and to also get in contact with other children, since they tend to get lonely and isolated in their rooms.

FC Utrecht needed it to be something active that would represent their club.

'The Twist'

Credits to Leontien Goris for this amazing GIF

So we came up with an interactive game that all kinds of multiplayer options and would even be accessible for the patients that cannot leave their beds.

We gave it a FC Utrecht look-and-feel and coöperated a few soccer based games in it as well.

As you can see we decided to give the rest of the space an active soccer feeling with a lot of open space.

The game can hold up to 4 people but the matches aren't too long, so everyone get's to play.

Paper Prototyping



We started of with paper prototyping. We had the opportunity to visit a school in order to get some of our target audience to test our prototype. 

We had to be creative in making it understandable and entertaining for these children without using screens. Here's a little glimpse of a few groups we tested on. I filmed and edited this video.

Final Demo





For our final prototype presentation we took our audience through the game play without having to build the actual app.

That is why I made it in an animation format.