Bartiméus is a special institute for children who have trouble learning because they are blind or impaired.

What makes Bartiméus special is that in the same building as the school for these children they have all kinds

of medical staff. From eye specialists to pediatrics, everything the children might need. And during their school hours

they have appointments with the specialists if needed. The pediatrics have different types of programs they developed

themselves to diagnose the physical and motorical growth of the children. One of their programs is called the 'Manuvis'.

They split this program up in two categories: 3 year olds and 4-11 year olds. They reached out to me and asked if i wanted to

make an e-learning video to go with the instruction manual to support the learning method of the pediatrics.

For these instructional video's I was in charge of filming and editing as well as directing according to the manual.