The challenge of this assignment was not only editing and working in a group but learning how to

handle camera's, how to do an interview en how to set everything up as well. Since you only have one chance

to get it right. We were quite thrown into the deep with this assignment. Me and my teammates decided to go with

the "NDSM-werf" in Amsterdam. This place is like one big creative work studio where everybody that wants to can

have his own working area. Since they have been having troubles with the government about financing the building

it is going to get taken down. But before that happened we wanted to make an interesting magazine video about it.

Next to the artists being there and sometimes staying there it's also a very interesting place since there a student buildings

next to the previously mentioned creative building. These buildings for the students to stay in are basically big containers

on the outside. On the inside however it looks pretty nice. It was a great experience,

the teamwork went smoothly and we were proud of the outcome. 



When we were assigned to do this project I had just purchased my DSLR Camera and was very excited to try it out. We used my camera for everything and I put my teammates in charge of the filming when they had their interviews. We all went looking for interesting people to interview for this project. I focussed myself on the students who live there. I was able to get into contact with the organisation and main man that takes care of the building and decides who get's to stay in it aswel, he was basically the landlord. After I had a pleasant interview with him he got me in contact with one of the students that live there and thus was able to meet up with him, do an interview and show the inside of those containers as well.

(The last two interviews are the one I took, filmed and edited). 


Next to the filming and interviewing we all edited our own interviews and put them together at the end. I felt like we needed a logo and an intro which I ended up making for this project. The logo I designed myself and I used the colours of our school: "Hogeschool Utrecht". For the intro, I filmed and edited it myself. One of my other team members was in charge of the outro text however, I did film the outro video that is shown.